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What can businesses do when they reach their natural limits of growth? Bain & Company's foremost expert on growth strategy and book author, Chris Zook, examines this compelling and timely issue in his new work, Unstoppable: Finding Hidden Assets to Renew the Core and Fuel Profitable Growth.

From his office in Amsterdam, Mr. Zook engages his audience in a video dialogue, where he reveals the key findings and recommendations for achieving profitable growth based on his exhaustive study of 8,500 global companies.

Tune in to one or more serial episodes of Unstoppable "Live" below.

Unstoppable describes how businesses can look deep within their organizations to find undervalued, unrecognized, underutilized or otherwise "hidden assets" that can serve as new foundations for sustainable growth.

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  • Why did you write Unstoppable? (2:26)
  • What is the major finding of Unstoppable? (2:07)
  • Who should read the book? (1:21)
  • What new research can readers find in the book? (1:09)

  • Turbulence across within industries has tripled over the past 30 years ? and the pace continues to accelerate. This has changed the face of competition and exposed new ways of thinking about growth strategy.

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  • Why is business turbulence making growth so hard? (2:07)
  • Are conglomerates dead? (4:51)
  • Are private equity funds the "new conglomerates"? (1:35)
  • Why do companies need to "shrink to grow"? (10:37)
  • Why must companies "die to be reborn"? (4:46)

  • Businesses have three forms of hidden assets that can fuel renewed growth: hidden customer assets, hidden business platforms, and hidden capabilities.

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  • How does a company know when it has reached its growth limits? (1:44)
  • How can executives see 'hidden assets'? (3:00)
  • Can you explain the three types of hidden asset in more detail? (2:52)
  • Can you provide a few examples of companies that found hidden assets? (2:25)

  • Growth is difficult and becoming more difficult over time. Yet at the same time, the market is more and more demanding of growth.

    Watch clips

  • Why should CEOs care? (2:59)
  • Why is market leadership so critical? (3:29)
  • What do you mean by the 'unrecognized power of repeatability'? (2:00)

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