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"The search for organic growth is a top priority for every leader, and Chris Zook's focus on leveraging the core business is spot on. Unstoppable presents a practical and proven method that can help a management team renew their growth strategy in an increasingly turbulent world."

- John Donahoe, President of eBay Marketplaces

"Unstoppable takes the reader on a journey of corporate introspection, led by a master strategist. The journey is a treasure hunt for 'hidden assets' that will help the reader redefine their business. Best of all, it is a business book where you can move the theory right from the pages and into practical use. A corporate rejuvenation guide..."

- Robert Salerno, President of Avis

"Speed is the single biggest factor in today's business environment. Speed of change, speed to market, and the speed with which the consumer can react and adapt. Unstoppable builds on the great research and analysis from Zook's previous experience and the impact of an ever changing series of business challenges and opportunities. Anyone thinking about long term sustainable growth and value creation must take into consideration the examples illustrated in this great read."

- Charlie Denson, President of the Nike Brand

"Unstoppable is a must read book for CEO's and Senior Executives of major companies. Chris Zook has proven that the impact of new technologies, the internet and enhanced communications has shortened the historic window of time that companies can maintain leadership. The book lays out several alternative strategies that will enable companies to sustain growth in these turbulent times. Even more importantly, Chris discusses several logical and practical ways that companies have tried to maintain their market position in the past. All of which have led to failure. Understanding and implementing the appropriate renewal strategies laid out in the following chapters will enable leading companies to survive and prosper for the long term. Again, a must read in this increasingly Darwinian business world."

- Steve Pagliuca, Bain Capital

"Unstoppable is a noteworthy next step in Chris Zook's trilogy of books providing essential advice on growing and expanding core markets. The concept of recognizing and leveraging hidden assets is critical in today's corporate world as many traditional businesses have been transformed by technology, rapid changes in customer dynamics, and increased global competition. The practical advice and insights offered here provide a compelling path for action."

-Nancy McKinstry, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board, Wolters Kluwer
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