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February 2003

One book that CEO recommends: Profit from the Core
CEO Magazine February 

According to Jung Tae Kim, CEO of Kookmin Bank, 'Profit From the Core' provides various solutions to the leaders. This book stresses the concept of 'core business'.

November 2001

Best Business Books of 2001
Soundview - Executive Book Summaries 
"Loyalty Rules!" by Frederick Reichheld and "Profit From the Core" by Chris Zook and James Allen have been chosen by Soundview's editors from among the over 1200 business books published each year.

June 2001

Without proper growing, companies feel the pains
Sunday Business  
Should companies focus solely on their core business or expand? "How companies answer that question is very important," says Chris Zook, head of global strategy at Bain & Company and author of a new book on growth strategy, Profit from the Core. Zook's theory is that the correct answer for many managers is to concentrate of the key business.

Les meilleures ventes anglo-saxonnes d'ouvrages de gestion
Profit from the Core is listed as number 5 among business books in English in France.

May 2001

Stock Focus: One-Track Companies

A new study conducted by Bain substantiates conventional wisdom about the pitfalls of diversification. This work forms the basis for Profit from the Core: Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence. The conclusion: Of more than 2,000 companies surveyed, only about 10% achieved a basic level of sustained, profitable growth over the past ten years. Nearly 90% of these successful companies had only one or two strong businesses.
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Management: Sudden Economic Downturn Tests Chief Executives
The New York Times 

The combination of a widening gap between the performance that investors expect and what companies can deliver, combined with the high level of turnover among chief executives, is creating what Bain's Chris Zook describes as the management equivalent of "the perfect storm." Executives are also being forced to rethink what they tell Wall Street and the kind of promises they can make, according to executives and consultants. "Companies have been in a trap of false enthusiasm in the last six to eight years," Mr. Zook said.

Keeping an eye on profits: It takes focus
The Mercury News  

If you expect the company you work for to grow successfully and profitably over a long time, here's some unwelcome news: Your company has a 90 percent chance of failing. That might not reflect the skill of management as much as the difficulties presented by growth itself, especially over time. These results come from an exhaustive study by two Bain & Co. management consultants who looked into what makes the most successful companies win over a decade.

Profit from the Core: Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence
Financial Executive 

Well-crafted and lucidly written, Profit from the Core is evidence that a book doesn't have to be a tome tc carry weight. The authors, both from consulting experts Bain & Co. (though Allen has since left to head a venture capital firm), argue that fully 90 percent of companies around the world failed to deliver sustained, profitable growth during the 1990s. The chief problem, they argue, was that companies diversified from their core businesses.

April 2001

Financial Post: Canada - Business Books
National Post 
Profit From The Core ranks number 8 in The National Post's Top selling books on managment.

February 2001

New Mantra for Managers: Back to the Core
The Boston Globe 

The brainy and high-powered consultants at Bain & Company are bringing a retro concept to managers everywhere: Forget all that hogwash about the Internet changing the world. Get back to your core business. Bain veteran, Chris Zook's new book, "Profit from the Core," details the new mantra, based on 200 corporate case studies and research into Bain Capital buyout deals.

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