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January 2009

Beyond the Core selected as one of "The 100 Best Business Books of All Time"
800 CEO Read 

The second book of Chris Zook's core growth trilogy, Beyond the Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots, was selected by the founders of "800 CEO READ" to appear in their upcoming book, The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. That book's co-author, Todd Sattersten, posted a 3 minute 30 second video testimonial on You Tube about the findings from Beyond the Core and why it was chosen to be on their list.

December 2004

Pick up the Feiner points in best of year's Top 10 books
The Globe and Mail 

Beyond the Core named in the Globe & Mail's "Top 10 Business Books of the Year".  Beyond The Core by Chris Zook of Bain & Company (Harvard Business School Press) tackles the riskiest strategy for a company: Moving beyond its core business to an adjacent market. He coolly and deliberately explores the dangers, offering rules of thumb and philosophical guidance, with ample examples of successes and goofs.
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May 2004

Moving Beyond The Core

Management gurus are good at formulating strategies, but they're not necessarily good at writing books. Too often these authors offer advice that would be quite useful, but bury it beneath reams of impenetrable jargon and unnecessarily detailed explanations.  Chris Zook is an exception; the points he makes in Beyond the Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots are both valuable and readily accessible.
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April 2004

Grow and prosper
The Nation (Thailand) 

In his new book published by the Harvard Business School Press, "Beyond the Core, Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots", Chris Zook looks closely at how a group of highly successful firms succeeded by focusing and building around one or two well-defined dominant cores, and how other well-positioned firms sabotaged their growth prospects by prematurely abandoning their core businesses in pursuit of the next hot topic.
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March 2004

Beyond the Core

Despite its consultancy roots, Beyond the Core is light on jargon and addresses short-termist strategy. Its research shows that only 20 per cent of joint ventures and 30 per cent of acquisitions produce lasting shareholder value. While investors and financial markets demand more growth, the book claims this will become harder to achieve.

January 2004

Away from the centre
The Globe and Mail 
In Beyond the Core, Bain's Chris Zook offers the first full-length book treatment of achieving growth by moving profitably into new adjacent areas surrounding the core business, showing how to reduce your chances of failure and increase your chances of success.
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Beware bundling's siren song
The Globe and Mail 

A deep understanding of customers is needed for strategy to work, Gordon Pitts writes, citing Chris Zook's new book Beyond the Core.
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November 2003

Why traditional values play the right corporate tune - Book Review Beyond the Core
Financial Times 

In his new book, Beyond the Core, Chris Zook argues that small steps in adjacent ground could set you on the path to success.
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Time to get this show back on the road
The Economist 
Bain's Chris Zook has a good record in anticipating shifts in the business cycle. His last book, "Profit from the Core," was published in 2001, just as companies were forced to set aside dreams of endless growth, and to focus on squeezing profits from their existing core businesses. His next book, to be published in January 2004, is called "Beyond the Core." What, it asks, do you do when you have trimmed and honed your core to the limit? subscription required
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How folded towels lead to more of the folding stuff
The Sunday Times 

Beyond the Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots, a soon-to-be published highly stimulating book by Bain's Chris Zook, describes in detail how companies can manage to achieve growth outside their core operations - without damaging the heart of their business.

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